How it Works
Bus Operators Free integration For bus and coach operators
Ticket selling
Online Bus Tickets Website
Mobile Apps
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The system is integrated with that allows to sell tickets through EU ticketing portal
What we offer
More sales channels With BusTicketPro you will be able to sell your tickets on more ticketing platforms, which in turn means
- more revenue for you
Ticketing Cashier desks, online,
mobile applications, agencies,
self-service terminals
Data Management Bus routes, schedules, tariffs, ticket dis-
counts, stops, and much more
Information service Live schedules, actual arrival times,
seats availability, and much more
Wide range of reports Such as ticket sales report, user reports,
bus route reports, etc.
Data export Data export into accounting system
Why choose us?
Benefits for Bus Operators:
  • New sales channels = more revenue
  • Improved passenger service
  • Reduction of ticketing cost
  • Real time actual data for operational decision making
  • Statistical analysis readiness
Benefits for Bus Passengers:
  • The new level of service
  • More tickets to choose from
  • Access to up-to-date information about ticketing and routes
Functional advantages:
  • The system is pre-integrated with that allows to sell tickets in EU ticketing portal
  • The ability of Bus Operator to add new users
    to the system, such as employees, branches, coach
    terminals with branches, coach operators, ticketing agencies
  • The system provides the driver with electronic list of sold tickets for the particular trip
  • The system also offer White Label for Bus Operators who want to start selling tickets via their own website
Hundreds of companies have already chosen us! Here are a few examples:
Come join us on this journey together we will form a better and more efficient travel experience!
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